Viceroy Petroleum LP, is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in College Station, Texas.

A family-owned E&P business with a 30+ year track record of finding and exploiting reserves, focused on unlocking mature onshore and offshore fields potential across Texas and Louisiana. Currently, Viceroy Petroleum operates over 90 onshore wells in Central and South Texas and 8 offshore wells in Louisiana. 

As recent as 2020, Viceroy has a 100% working interest in the mature developed and currently producing offshore oil and gas field, Cote Blanche Island (CBI), on the coast of the Louisiana near Gulf of Mexico. CBI Field includes an 15,000 BOEPD offshore production, processing, tank storage and transportation facilities.

Through valued working interest, nonworking interest partnerships or selective acquisitions, Viceroy has completed drilling programs in developing reserves through conventional E&P assets in USA.

Supplying Low-Cost Energy To The United States Markets

Viceroy Petroleum creates profits and value by focusing on conventional long-life assets in stable, established fields with strong histories.

We accomplish this by applying a combination of new technologies, proven old school successful practices, and growing through the drill bit. We also invest in unique high growth opportunities where our expertise matches the asset.

Viceroy's business model also involves the strategic acquisition of critical service companies and integrating them in - thereby giving us the ability to exploit fields as the “low-cost leader” - avoiding the traditional middlemen and owning the services in-house.

This uniquely positions Viceroy for significant growth and stability within any economic environment.