Uniquely Comprehensive

about us
Business Overview

Viceroy's creates profits and value by focusing on conventional long-life assets in stable, established fields with strong histories.

We accomplish this by applying a combination of new technologies, proven old school successful practices, and growing through the drill bit. We also invest in unique high growth opportunities where our expertise matches the asset.

Viceroy's business model also involves the strategic acquisition of critical service companies and integrating them in - thereby giving us the ability to exploit fields as the “low-cost leader” - avoiding the traditional middlemen and owning the services in-house.

This uniquely positions Viceroy for significant growth and stability within any economic environment.

Across Texas

Viceroy Petroleum is Texas-based, but not Texas limited. Our growth model has us looking at all all opportunities, wherever they may be.

We currently have producing assets in 11 counties, in more than 25 fields, and operate greater than 250 wells. We also have additional undisclosed high-impact assets where we will be investing our exploration dollars.

Additionally, Viceroy Petroleum owns three service companies in Cased-Hole Wireline, Oilfield Fishing Tools, and Coil-Tubing. In 2019, we plan to acquire additional services to complete our goal of a Fully Integrated Oil and Gas Production Company.