Corporate Profile & History

Viceroy Petroleum LP is a 30 plus years family-owned independent oil and gas operating, exploration and production company registered in the energy heartland of USA, Texas. Ferguson family founded the company in 1983 originally as Ferguson-Burns and Monarch Resources which later merged and rebranded into a single E&P entity in 2008 as Viceroy Petroleum LP. Viceroy Petroleum has remained under the sole ownership of the Ferguson family from its inception for three family generations and to date remains under the ownership of the family board and led by its President, Matt Ferguson.

With the rebranding and launch of Viceroy Petroleum in 2008, the oil and gas well count under the leadership of Matt Ferguson grew aggressively from 125 to 310 Wells along with the 30+ wells (10 wellbores) in Cote Blanche Island field in Louisiana.

Viceroy Petroleum has held JV E&P partnerships over the years with world class E&P organizations, including in the Eagle Ford Shale Play which, as per US EIA and USGS, holds an estimate of 8.5 billion crude oil reserves and 66 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Today, Viceroy Petroleum owns assets across Texas and Louisiana both as full working interest owner and non-working interest owner including a 15,000 BOEPD oil and production facilities on the offshore coastline of Louisiana near the Gulf of Mexico.

Family legacy, faith, integrity, openness to innovation, communication, and leadership are values that are core pillars of foundation for the Ferguson family and its business management philosophy since 1983 and this is driven through the company’s organization, drilling and production operations, its people and the various JV partnerships it has held over the years with world class organizations.

Business Strategy

With team’s upstream industry experience of over 200 years and drilling operations experience of more than 560 wells in the core areas of Texas, Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico Coast as a drilling and production operator expertise, the company's current core interests are focused on its prime investments in the Cote Blanche Island Offshore Field in Louisiana.

The company's shareholders and management leadership team, combining their strength and both domestic and international experience, strive to maximize the value of finance, operations and technology to ensure the maximum returns for the company and safeguarded from the macro economic conditions often faced by the O&G industry. In addition to valued partnerships and active drilling programs, the company is engaged in growing reserves through selective acquisitions in Texas and Louisiana.

Viceroy Petroleum, as a company, focuses on profit generation via acquiring assets or JV partnership engagements on conventional oil and gas, long-life, mature and developed assets in stable, established fields with strong and known production and commercialization history. Thus, enabling Viceroy Petroleum to invest in unique high growth opportunities where our expertise matches the asset.

Integrity & Family Legacy – Foundation of Viceroy Petroleum Business Strategy

Viceroy prides itself on its Sustainable Business Model for over 30 plus Years. Our 360 Degree Project & Asset Selection Funnel Process focuses on Portfolio Optimization Strategy:

  • ROI - What it means for Future Performance, Production Targets and Current Portfolio.
  • Cost & Break-Even Barrel $ - Implications for the Future
  • Asset Timing - Window of Opportunity (Acquire vs Expand vs Exit)

Our 4 Core Key Business Strategies to Select Projects, Assets and JV Partnership Engagements:

  • Project must redefine efficiency in terms of operating performance, building resilient portfolio and robust economics projects.
  • Exploit underdeveloped plays having smaller prospect sizes due to lower operating cost,  improved operating efficiency and technologies availability (at lower cost).
  • Identify proven maturing and emergent fields – use wells’ statistics and success-failure analysis, early acreage capture, and periodic relinquishments
  • Access and apply partnerships for value.

Viceroy Petroleum – Key Numbers

Customers served! 1 Number of Years Operational/Production History
Customers served! 1  Oil and Gas Assets currently under Viceroy’s Portfolio
Customers served! 1 Number of Wells Drilled and Operated in Texas and Louisiana
Customers served! 1 Average BOE per day since 1983
Customers served! 1 HSE or Environmental Incidents in its operational history
Customers served! 1   External Capital Injected into Parent Company since 1983. Operations funded strictly within budget and via Family to ensure legacy operations and brand survives macro-economics.

Mission Statement

To strive towards becoming a high performing independent operating, exploration and production company that provides its shareholders sustainable growth and returns and contributes to the energy needs of USA.

Core Values


Based on strong family legacy and values, our people drive with maximum efforts to achieve our company vision and we strive as a company to engage and motivate our teams by creating a strong Viceroy Petroleum working culture, maintaining an inclusive work environment, creating and sustaining a career development process, rewarding our people for their performance, protecting our people's health and well-being, providing equal opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, color, gender or religious belief with a work environment where the contributions of all our people are recognized and rewarded.


Trust and honesty are the core fundamental foundation pillars of Viceroy Petroleum that ensures fairness, transparency, and respect for our stakeholders and organization from the office to the operation sites and facilities.

Organizational Excellence

Relentless drive, and commitment to be the best in class, reflects our firm belief in organizational excellence.


Personal responsibility and reliability in our work form the core of accountability at Viceroy Petroleum’s business model and operations. We value our ability to work diligently and honor our commitments.

Corporate Responsibility

Viceroy Petroleum’s corporate policy is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, those pertaining to customs, antitrust, anti-boycott, international trade controls, employment and the environment.

Viceroy Petroleum has a strict policy to conform to the highest ethical standards in conducting our business.

As an organization, Viceroy Petroleum commits to that ensuring the entire organization, including all our contractors/consultants adhere to, comply and fully understand the importance of compliance with U.S. laws and regulations and adherence to the highest ethical code of behavior aligned to our existing Statement of Policy and Business Conduct Guidelines.