Operations - Texas

Viceroy Petroleum is operating over 90 producing oil wells in Central and South Texas. Operations, includes current and most recently, the drilling, completion of oil wells and pumping and transportation of crude oil.

Viceroy Petroleum, as recent as December 2021, was a non-operating interest owner in Eagle Ford Shale Play assets with EOG Resources Inc. as the operating entity for the drilling of 4 wells in 2021.

Since 2014 to 2021, Viceroy Petroleum has successfully executed JV Partnerships across Texas, specifically the Eagleford and Austin Chalk Formations in Karnes Co, Texas, via drilling project capital investments with top tier E&Ps across various Texas reservoir basins with the likes of EOG Resources, INPEX Americas and GulfTex Energy.

Since inception to date, Viceroy Petroleum has drilled and completed over 310 wells in Texas.

Operations - Cote Blanche Island (CBI) Louisiana

Operations Overview

Viceroy Petroleum acquired CBI Oil and Gas Field (SL-340 Lease) from Louisiana State in November 2020 with a 100% Working Interest from Surface Down to Base Sand.

As part of the acquisition, Viceroy Petroleum also purchased the scientific legacy data, personnel contracts, 15,000 BOEPD capacity production facilities infrastructure including tank storage, processing and transportation pipelines.

Upon Viceroy Petroleum’s acquisition in Nov 2020, Viceroy Petroleum has successfully brought online CBI legacy wells oil and gas production and maintained active crude oi land natural gas production to date.

In 2021, Viceroy Petroleum successfully completed its first drilling project of two wells as proof of concept of the scientific data and the drilling and production operability of the field. CBI peaked at 650 BPD of oil and 600 MCFPD of gas in 2021 and with an annual average of 250 BPD of oil and 500 MCFPD of natural gas.

Field Asset Overview

  • Shallow Water offshore field located in the Gulf of Mexico Coast of Louisiana. CONVENTIONAL Field Play.
  • MATURE, PRODUCING and OPERATIONAL FIELD since 1940s. NOT an Exploration Field.
  • Produced oil characteristics meet the “the market in-demand profile” of  light medium and sweet API crude oil
  • Field has produced 96.1 MMBO + 151.4 BCF since first production in 1947. CBI Offset oil field, Weeks Island, has produced 320 MMBOE to date and averaging 1200 BPD currently.
  • 4970 net acres HBP of State Lease 340.
  • 10 Wellbores + 30 additional unplugged wellbores available from state for sidetracking.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE BUILT & OPERATIONAL: 3 Production Platforms with Oil 10K barrels Oil Storage, Transportation, Gas Pipelines for ease of immediate O&G Sales to major refineries and buyers (Shell).
  • Field has undergone the exploration phase and various development phases via previous ownerships including, Texaco, and Chevron since 1940s.

Mature Producing Conventional Field

  • Lies on identical geological current producing 4000 BPD offset fields - Avery Island, Weeks Island, Jefferson Island.
  • Reserves PDP & PUD of 42MM Oil + 111 BCF Gas Hydrocarbons. Based on the pre-acquisition information and post-acquisition technical study of legacy wells, Viceroy identified 30 prospect (wells) amounting to a prospective 42MM of medium light crude oil and 111 BCF of natural.
  • Field Development Plans are targeted for NOT discovering new plays but enhancing already discovered reservoirs.
  • Seismic Data, Legacy Well Data, Adjacent Field Data available to allow a low cost, optimized Field Development Plan for high returns and production levels.
  • Between 1970 and late 1980s it was producing close to 8,000 BOPBD (barrels of oil per day) at its peak.

CBI Production Facilities in Cote Blanche Island, Louisiana

Post CBI Acquisition Operational Milestones Accomplishments & 2022-2024 Project Overview

Created a 100% Viceroy Petroleum owned Louisiana based operating company, Soldier Operating LLC, for operating the CBI Field

Reactivated a fully operational production, processing and transportation facilities since November 2020

Secured exclusive buyers' contract with Shell and Enterprise Partners LLC for the purchase of oil and gas produced from

Performed extensive scientific data analysis of acquired legacy data to develop the Phase Zero 2 Wells Proof of Concept (POC) Drilling Program

Successfully Drilled and Completed POC 2 new side-track wells in 2021

Performed extensive post POC analysis to optimize the drilling programs, costs and integration of the latest drilling technology, including the application of the 1st ever deployment of the RSS Drilling System in CBI Field

Developed 2022-2024 Field Expansion and Development Program (FDP) for the drilling and completion of 12 new and side-track oil and gas wells to increase current production of oil and gas from the field

Kicked off the FDP Program with the Phase 1 Drilling Project in February 2022 with the drilling of the 1st well in CBI.